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  • Storage Made to fit Kallax shelves

  • Strong Holds more than 45lbs

  • Dice Tower Roll through the table

  • Card Rails Holds 15 playing cards

  • Cushioned Rails Print with TPU

  • Wood Surface Print with Wood PLA

Customize your table

StageTop’s 8” x 8” (20.3cm x 20.3cm) modular frames allow you to create the right sized gaming table for your gaming needs.
In theory, a StageTop’s size is only limited by the amount of time and filament at your disposal, however, here are some popular sizes that we have tested and can recommend.

24” x 32” rectangle
61cm x 81.3cm

32” x 32” square
81.3cm x 81.3cm

32” x 48” rectangle
81.3cm x 122cm

40” x 40” square
101.6cm x 101.6cm

StageTop Standard

An attractive design with a complete storage solution.

StageTop Lite

10% lighter, prints 15% faster, and requires 20% less filament.

StageTop Elite

Sophisticated design that rivals expensive gaming tables.

StageTop Broadway

Features both above and below LED support as well as the most card & component storage.

StageTop Stronghold

Castle fantasy theme with matching Dice Tower & Tray.

StageTop Tavern

Tavern fantasy theme with matching Dice Tower & Tray.

StageTop SciFi

Ship interior theme with matching Dice Tower & Tray.