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TOP 10 StageTop Printing Tips

  • 1

    In your slicer, change the top fill pattern to concentric for a great play surface effect.
  • 2

    Use a brim when printing Legs at high speeds.
  • 3

    If you have issues with corner lift, try using a glue stick.
  • 4

    Matte filament is great for PlayTiles but not recommended for Tile Locks.
  • 5

    Turn off skirt or reduce the number of loops when printing Frames on 210mm build plates.
  • 6

    When using TPU for Elite Rails, remember less infill = greater squish!
  • 7

    Print Leg Caps out of TPU to avoid slipping and scratching tables.
  • 8

    Frame Locks turn easier if printed on a smooth build plate
  • 9

    Looking for a wood filament? Try Hatchbox or ISANMATE
  • 10

    Rotate PlayTiles to ensure layer lines all go in the same direction

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