A Closer Look: Themed Tables

A Closer Look: Themed Tables

Thanks to your support we have blown past the original funding goal and are already deep into the planned stretch goals. The downside of this is we haven't had a chance to take a closer look at some key components of the StageTop campaign. With this in mind, I wanted to put together a series of photo heavy updates that focus on taking a closer look at some cool designs that you will receive as part of your pledge. Today's Closer Look... 

Themed Tables

Besides the three core tables, we wanted to provide something that offered a little more immersion. The StageTop Stronghold and StageTop Tavern allow you to maintain a fantasy theme well beyond the game board. Both themed tables are fully unlocked and include everything you see here...

Stronghold Corner Rails feature a holding area on top for that extra special miniatur

Stronghold Component PlayTile features a guillotine and gravestone that can hold dice or small bits.

Stronghold PlayTiles feature 2" x 2" alternating brick squares.

Stronghold Dice Tower & Draw Bridge Dice Tray

Tavern Corner Rails feature a barrel with enough space on top to hold a miniature.

The Tavern Component PlayTile has a tempting table where dice fit nicely on the empty plates. The barrels are good for holding game components, just be sure you can reach in and pull them out first.

Tavern PlayTiles feature 2" x 2" alternating wood planks.

The Tavern Dice Tower is a giant-sized mug of ale that pours dice into a quaint sitting area tray.

Stronghold Legs are Pillared Stone while Tavern Legs are Stacks of Barrels

Don't forget....

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Thanks again for all your support.

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