Digital Release Update

Digital Release Update

The team has been hard at work on improving and testing the StageTop Digital Files. The GOOD NEWS is we are still on a path to hit our original estimated delivery date of March for both Wave One & Wave Two Digital Releases. The BAD NEWS is that we will not be able to release the initial wave of files on March 3rd as we had hoped. 


We went back to the drawing board on the initial leg connection after getting feedback that the ability to overturn was proving to be an issue for some testers. We went through several iterations and landed on what we thought would be the release candidate. 

Turns out the release candidate had some challenges. When trying to connect the leg for the first time, it was proving too tight/too hard to turn when printed on some machines. In the video below you can see that it took a bit of effort to turn, and this wasn't the first time it was connected.  

The good news was that after a few turns, it would smoothly turn and provide a satisfying click in place.   

Unfortunately, after a dozen or so turns the connection would wear down and wobble was introduced. No one wants their gaming table to wobble!  

So, we have some work to do. Have faith that we are already working on a solution that will deliver a solid connection!


The PlayTiles snap connection has been reinforced and the lines have been adjusted to better camouflage the seam between physical tiles (try to find the physical seam between the two PlayTiles).  

The Tile Lock has also been greatly improved, making it easier to turn and strengthened as it was prone to breaks.   

Here are the files to be released in Wave One and where we are with each... 

  • Frame - In Development 
  • Tile Lock - Done  
  • Frame Lock - Done 
  • Legs: Lite, Standard, & Elite - In Development 
  • Feet: Standard & Elite - Done 
  • Rails: Lite, Standard, & Elite - Done 
  • PlayTiles: 1x1, 2x2, & 4x4 Squares - Almost Done 
  • PlayTile: Component Tray - Almost Done 
  • Accessory: Component Full & Half Cup - Done 
  • Accessory: Dice Tower & Tray - Done 


Unfortunately, we do not want to give an estimated delivery date as to when in March just yet as the process for iteration can be a bit slow. Each update takes at least two days to print on multiple printers, test, make changes, then repeat. But rest assured, it will be in March!

Please know that we want to get you the files as soon as possible, but we want to give you great files to print as you are going to need to print multiples of each one.

If you have any questions or would like to follow allow the development process, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

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