FAQ: Which wood filament to use?

FAQ: Which wood filament to use?

As the StageTop Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, backers have begun planning out their tables. One topic that is top of mind in the campaign comments and in the StageTop Facebook Group just so happens to be the topic for today's FAQ...

Which wood filament to use?

While the question isn't exactly clickbait, it is subjective and therefore there is no single correct answer. Instead, what we can do is share with you the wood filament we tested and how we achieved the realistic wood planks you see in the campaign photography and video.

First, let's talk about the Wood Plank PlayTiles themselves... 

Now includes 4 Half Wood Plank & 3 Quarter Wood Plank PlayTiles -- Just because you are AWESOME!

If you take a close look under at the StageTop Elite graphic under the Parts List section on the campaign page, it states 3 Half & 2 Quarter Wood Plank PlayTiles. As a small token of our appreciation for your overwhelming support for this campaign, we have decided more variety is going to be needed and have increased this to 4 Half & 3 Quarter Wood Plank PlayTiles! These PlayTiles feature a hand drawn wood grain pattern and when staggered, look like a wood floor. 

Now let's print one out in a variety of wood filaments on a Prusa MK3S+ with .4mm hardened nozzle... 

Amolen Wood Walnut PLA -- iSanmate Ebony Wood PLA + -- 3D Best Q Rosewood PLA -- Hatchbox Wood PLA

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't printed with wood PLA before, do not worry when it smells like wood is burning. That is the filament doing its thing. For what it's worth, Rosewood wins for best wood fire smell when printing.

All four wood plank PlayTiles printed without issue at .20mm layer height with clear grain lines. However, in order to get a "real wood" look, the planks are going to need stained, which eliminates the dark wood options. The Amolen wasn't bad but the Hatchbox printed much cleaner and looked like it was ideal for staining. Now let's get ready for stain...

Post Processing Step 1: Sand away layer lines with 150 to 180 grit sand paper

Wood PLA can be sanded, which is a great way to smooth out the typical print lines. After just a few passes, the plank is ready for staining...

Post Processing Step 2: Apply a coat of stain.

Now simply print and repeat and soon enough you will have your very own StageTop with real wood PlayTiles!

Which wood filament to use? Hatchbox Wood PLA

Feel free to ask any questions you may have here or in the general comments; also let me know what question you would like to have answered in the next FAQ.

Thanks again for all your support.

Gut Shot Games

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