Funded in an hour, onto stretch goals!

Funded in an hour, onto stretch goals!

Thanks to each and every one of you.

The StageTop 3D Printed Gaming Table campaign is off to a great start, and it is all because of your support. As an avid backer, I have always scoffed at campaigns that touted quick funding times, assuming the funding goal was set artificially low. I can assure you that wasn't the case here. I had no idea how many others would want a 3D Printed Gaming Platform when this journey began almost 2 years ago. 

The 1st Prototype - March 2021

Introducing StageTop Stronghold...

The 1st "Themed Table", StageTop Stronghold, has been completely unlocked. Components in this collection include themed rails, legs, brick playtiles, themed component tile (complete with guillotine), and a themed dice tower & dice tray all added to your base pledge at no additional cost. 

StageTop Stronghold

What else has been unlocked?

Stackable Legs! Want to take your StageTop to full table height? Go nuts with stackable leg extensions for both StageTop Standard & Elite.  

Dog for scale only, most definitely not 3D printable

What's next and how can you help?

There are plenty of surprises left to come from new Accessories to PlayTile Designs, and yes, even another entire new table to unlock

While you have already helped so much there are two things you can do to help make this campaign even better...

  • Please help us pass the word. Share on social media and with your 3D printing friends, favorite content creators and groups (respectfully, no spam).
  • Consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook group where users will be invited to join the StageTop community and share printing tips.

Thanks again for all your support.

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