StageTop Complete

StageTop Complete

Within the next couple hours, you will be getting another release from us via MyMiniFactory entitled... StageTop Complete.

StageTop Complete is the culmination of all 180+ STL’s released in all Waves of the StageTop Kickstarter presented in an organized fashion.

Assembly Guides

Additionally, we have included a brand-new Assembly Guide for a standard table as well as guides for both the LED Rails & LED Holders. These can be found in the 'Instructions' folder.

Fixes & New Files

Finally, we have included some additional fixes:

  • Lite Leg v3 - allows for easier alignment with the frame
  • Short Standard Leg v2 - allows for easier alignment with the frame
  • SciFi PlayTiles v2 - fixes the 'blaster strike' (messed up hex)
  • Stackable Leg Base Medium - for those that cannot fit the Large Base on their build trays

All older versions of files can be found under Archived in the StageTop Complete.

Commercial Printing Changes

Based on your feedback, we have made the following changes for our Commercial Printing backers:

  •  Commercial Printing License v701 Changes: The term for our 2-year Commercial Printing License Holders has been updated to June 30, 2025. Additionally, Commercial Printing License Holders may now print and sell remixes of the Remixable PlayTiles from other Commercial Printing License Holders.
  •  New Lifetime License for $199.99: Any backer interested may simply pay the difference between their original pledge and this to secure. To upgrade visit StageTop @ MyMiniFactory and select the Lifetime License Pledge. At checkout you should see a deduction equal to your current pledge value. Hey, it also comes with a spiffy new Reseller Certificate :)
  •  No new 2-year licenses will be sold: Today is the last day to secure a 2-year license. 

If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

Gut Shot Games

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