Wave 1.5 "The Leg Wave"

Wave 1.5 "The Leg Wave"

Don't skip leg wave!

As a reminder, we have committed to release StageTop files in waves so you can get started printing as soon as possible. Last night, we released the 2nd of 5 planned waves of releases. Let's dive right into what was released...

  • Short Standard & Elite Legs
  • Adjustable Elite Leg
  • Lite Rails w/Rail Lock (that can be used as short legs)
  • Leg Carrier
  • Elite Card & Component Top
  • Lite Leg v2 w/Foot
  • Tile Lock v2 

    Wave 1.5 "The Leg Wave"

    Standard & Elite Short Legs 

    Our $25k stretch goal, these were not originally planned but the community feedback was overwhelming, you wanted short legs, so you get short legs! 


    Available in both Standard & Elite, the short legs provide ~1/2" of clearance for those that just want a sturdy, transportable tabletop

    Adjustable Elite Leg

    Is there a particular uneven surface you have been dying to play Frosthaven on? Or is the standard leg height too tall, and the short leg too short? Well Goldilocks, do we have the leg for you!  

    Adjustable Elite Leg has a bottom, top, and locknut. Remove the locknut for the shortest assembly.

    Lite Rails with Rail Lock 

    The Lite Rails are the last, and arguably the most critical component of the Lite Table. These rails print significantly faster than the Standard & Elite Rails, assemble faster, and require less connectors. 

    1) Align the rail with the frame stems 2) Insert the rail lock, aligning the dot on the rail lock with the arrow on the frame 3) turn right to lock in

    But wait, there is more! The Rail Locks can act as legs, replacing the need for a Short Lite Leg! The rail locks that hold the rail into place, act as legs around the perimeter, but what about the center? That is where the Joint Rail Lock comes into play! 

    Rail Locks can be used as short legs, just add a Joint Rail Lock where needed in the middle section of you table and enjoy!

    That's not all! 

    The Leg Carrier is capable of storing up to 12 leg

    Card & Component Elite Rail Tops allows you to add further customization to your Elite Gaming Table

    In addition to these you will find V2 of two Wave One components... 

    The Lite Leg v2 with Foot adds a snap connection for optional foot. When printed in TPU the foot helps prevent scratches to the surface.

    The Tile Lock v2 was created in response to community feedback that the original Tile Lock was too hard to turn and that it held PlayTiles in place too firmly, potentially damanging them. If the original Tile Lock works well for you, there is no need to print new Tile Locks.

    What's next?

    So you can plan your printing, here is the latest thinking in regards to our wave releases. Please treat this as directional, dates and wave contents are subject to change...

    Wave 2 – Themed Wave (Week of April 10th)

    • StageTop Stronghold
    • StageTop Tavern
    • StageTop SciFi
    • Barrel Component Cups
    • Wooden Plank PlayTiles

    Wave 3 – Storage (mid to late April)

    • Frame Holder & Handle
    • PlayTile Holder
    • Standard Rail Holder
    • Life Counter
    • Mixed Card PlayTile
    • Cobblestone PlayTiles
    • Mountable PlayTile
    • Wooden Plank Accessory PlayTiles
    • Anti-Corner Rails

    Wave 4 – Light & Lift (early May)

    • LED Rails
    • Stackable Legs
    • Anything we may have missed!

    A note about the Online Configurator, we expect this to be available sometime in May. The development of this is being handled by a 3rd party developer while we focus on getting out the STLs.

    If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    Gut Shot Games

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