Wave 2.0 "Mostly Themed Wave"

Wave 2.0 "Mostly Themed Wave"

Hey Backers!

Today we have a Good News/Bad News situation as we release Wave 2.0. But before we begin, as a reminder, we have committed to release StageTop files in waves so you can get started printing as soon as possible. This is our 3rd of 5 planned waves of releases to get you everything that was unlocked during the campaign. 

Let's dive right into what was released and start with some Good News...

  • Stronghold & Tavern Themed Dice Towers & Trays
  • Stronghold, Tavern, & SciFi Themed Rails
  • Stronghold, Tavern, & SciFi Themed Legs & Feet
  • Barrel Component Cups
  • Elite Rail Card Top v2 - increased slot width and stair stepped card display
  • Wood Plank Test Print

StageTop Tavern & Stronghold Themed Dice Towers & Trays

StageTop Tavern, Stronghold, and SciFi Themed Rails (Corner & Straight)

StageTop Tavern, SciFi, and Stronghold Themed Legs & Feet

Barrel Component Cups (Whole & Half) and Elite Rail Card Top v2

Now for the Bad News!

So, what's missing and why?

  •  SciFi Themed Dice Tower & Tray: We found when sliced/printed on Bambu printers there were holes in the wall of the tower. This is a fairly straightforward fix, but we simply ran out of time.
  •  Stronghold, Tavern, & SciFi PlayTiles: After the campaign ended, we found we had to make some adjustments to our PlayTile template. For all PlayTiles, we needed to raise the height, slightly adjust the width, and improve the connection holes on the bottom. We thought this would be easy for the Themed PlayTiles and boy were we wrong! We have to completely rework the PlayTiles and we couldn't get it done in time for this update. We feel confident that we will deliver in our next wave.
  •  Stronghold, Tavern, & SciFi Component Tiles: Same issue as above, although a bit easier to fix. We feel confident that we will deliver in our next wave.

But that isn't all the bad news... 

Let's talk about Wood Planks!

The most frustrating issue we have run into is with Wood Planks. We were feeling VERY confident with wood planks, in fact we were set to OVER deliver with 5 Half Wood Plank Designs instead of the promised 3, and 4 Quarter Wood Plank Designs instead of the promised 2. And they looked great...

All Wood Plank Designs printed on an MK3S+

Unfortunately, we could not replicate this performance on any printer other than the Prusa MK3S+. What we found on other printers is artificating/scratches on the surface of the plank, regardless of the settings used. 

The error we kept running into on any other printer, even when sliced with Prusa Slicer

We tried a few things and believe it to be from the decimation process when reducing polycount. We are currently testing various options but do not feel we are there yet. In this wave we have included a re-decimated model if you would like to test for yourself and share the results with us via our Facebook Group or on Discord (see below).

What's next?

Here is the latest thinking in regard to, our wave releases. Please treat this as directional, dates and wave contents are subject to change...

Wave 3 – Storage (Late April)

  • Frame Holder & Handle
  • PlayTile Holder
  • Standard Rail Holder
  • Life Counter
  • Mixed Card PlayTile
  • Cobblestone PlayTiles
  • Mountable PlayTile
  • Anti-Corner Rails
  • SciFi Dice Tower & Tray
  • Themed PlayTiles
  • Themed Component PlayTiles

Wave 4 – Light & Lift (mid-May)

  • LED Rails
  • Stackable Legs
  • Wood Planks
  • Wooden Plank Accessory PlayTiles
  • Anything we may have missed!

A note about the Online Configurator, we expect this to be available in late May. The development of this is being handled by a 3rd party developer while we focus on getting out the STLs.

If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

Gut Shot Games

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