Wave 3.0 "Storage"

Wave 3.0 "Storage"

Dear Backers!

Today we have another 30+ files for you to enjoy in Wave 3 “Storage”! The title is a bit of a misnomer as we have a whole lot more in this wave than Storage components, but let’s take a look! 

As a reminder, we have committed to release StageTop files in waves so you can get started printing as soon as possible. This is our 4th of 5 planned releases/waves to get you everything that was unlocked during the campaign. If you do not see something in this or previous waves that was announced during the campaign, please trust that it will be in a future release.

Wave 3.0 "Storage Wars"

Here is everything that you will find in this Wave:


  • Storage – Frame Holder & Handle
  • Storage – PlayTile Holder
  • Storage – Standard Rail Holder – Part A & B
  • Storage - Standard Corner Rail Carrier & Handle


  • PlayTile – Keep – Component
  • PlayTile – Stronghold – Component
  • PlayTile – Tavern – Component
  • PlayTile – Stronghold – Corner, Full, Half & Quarter
  • PlayTile – Tavern – Corner, Full, Half & Quarter


  • PlayTile – Counter Wheel with Counter Wheel
  • PlayTile – Mixed Card
  • PlayTile – Mountable – Elite, Lite & Standard


  • Rail – Elite – Anti Corner Top & Base
  • Rail – Standard – Anti Corner


  • Dice Tower – SciFi
  • Dice Tray – SciFi


  • Component Cup – Barrel v2
  • Rail – Standard v2
  • Rail – Standard – Card v2


Probably our most requested item since we started releasing STLs, the StageTop Storage Solution (TM) is here…

Left to Right: Frame Holder & Handle, PlayTile Holder, Standard Corner Rail Holder, Standard Rail Holder A & B

For a detailed overview on Storage, including how to stack and use the components, check out our previous “Closer Look: Storage” Update

Themed PlayTiles

Looking for more immersion? We have you covered with Stronghold & Tavern PlayTiles and themed Component PlayTiles! These themed component PlayTiles work great with the themed Dice Towers to bring your game to the next level! And for those that have been following closely you will see there are not only the two promised, but we have included a 3rd just because we love our backers (and made a little mistake which we will confess to in the fixes section later on).

Stronghold & Tavern PlayTiles in Full, Corner, Half, and Quarter versions

The Stronghold (middle) and Tavern (right) Component PlayTiles may look familiar, but we snuck in a surprise with the Keep Component PlayTile (left)

Important things to keep in mind when planning your table...

  • As the hole in the frame is not centered the Themed Component Tiles can only be installed one way. 
  • The Tavern Component PlayTile cannot fit in the corner if/when using the Tavern rails due to the barrel on the corner. 

Accessory PlayTiles

Speaking of taking your game to the next level… we have Mountable PlayTiles in all 3 leg varieties! In addition to those we have two specialized Accessory PlayTiles. The Mixed Card Tray, which works great with Gloomhaven and the Life Counter, which works great with Magic The Gathering.

Back row: Elite, Lite, and Standard Mountable PlayTiles. Front row: Life Counter and Mixed Card PlayTiles

The use of a guillotine as a deterrent is not recommended in areas with artificial gravity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The snap connectors on the Mountable PlayTiles are not meant to hold the leg in firmly. It is to provide a loose connection that can handle multiple de-assemblies.

PRINTING TIP: The window in Counter Wheel holder may need supports depending on your printer settings.

Anti-Corner Rails

Are you fed up with Big Rail’s “All Right Agenda”?! Well do we have the rail for you! The anti-corner rail takes your table in new and interesting directions by boldly laughing in the face of corporate overreach and turns left just because it can! Just be sure not to blame us if you end up with a hole in your table…

Anti-Corner Rails available in Elite and Standard varieties

What direction will you take your table in?

SciFi Dice Tower & Tray

Don’t forget to insert witty line about how this Dice Tower is “light years” ahead of the other Dice Towers…

SciFi Dice Tower & Tray, featuring advanced dice randomizing technology (aka stairs)

The Fixes

Before we get into what we had to fix and why, I want to put out a special “Thank You!” to the StageTop community! Even with a dozen testers and dozens of test prints, things slip through the cracks and need updating. The following issues were brought to our attention, and in the case of the barrel even solved, by the community!

First, the Barrel themed Component Cup. The original had artifacts and errors that caused slicing to hang. In Component Cup – Barrel v2 those have been cleaned up and print times have been reduced!

Second, the Standard Rail has a small but important error. It is missing a bevel which prevents it from seating perfectly in the frame.

A bevel was missed.! You can see this bevel on the Themed Rails, but for some reason we missed this one.

This was an easy fix and is updated in Rail – Standard v2, and Rail – Standard – Card v2 but we know a lot of rails have already been printed. Because of that 1) we have a free gift for you in the form of the Keep Themed Component PlayTile mentioned above 2) a fairly easy solve. Just take your rotary tool, hold at an angle and edge removed!

A few quick grinds here will ensure a completely flush fit into the frame

Top: Before fix Bottom: After fix

What's next?

Here is the latest thinking in regard to our final wave release. Please treat this as directional, dates and contents are subject to change...

Wave 4 – Light & Lift (mid-May)

  • NEW! Leg Lock (if you know, you know!)
  • LED Rails
  • Stackable Legs
  • SciFi PlayTiles
  • Cobblestone PlayTiles
  • Wood Planks
  • Wooden Plank Accessory PlayTiles
  • Anything we may have missed!

A note about the Online Configurator, we expect this to be available in late May. The development of this is being handled by a 3rd party developer while we focus on getting out the STLs.

If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

Gut Shot Games

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