Wave 3.5 "Future Past"

Wave 3.5 "Future Past"

Dear Backers!

Today we have another 30+ files for you to enjoy in Wave 3.5 “Future Past”! After several weeks of head scratching and filament wasted, we finally have Wood Planks for everyone! But that's not all, we have snuck in some surprises as well.

As a reminder, we have committed to release StageTop files in waves so you can get started printing as soon as possible. This is our 5th of 6 planned releases/waves to get you everything that was unlocked during the campaign. If you do not see something in this or previous waves that was announced during the campaign, please trust that it will be in a future release.   

Wave 3.5 "Final Flooring"

Here is everything that you will find in this Wave:


  • PlayTiles - Wood Plank Vertical (5 Half, 4 Quarter)
  • PlayTiles - Wood Plank Horizontal (5 Half, 4 Quarter)
  • PlayTiles - Wood Plank Accessories (4)


  • PlayTile – SciFi - Component
  • PlayTile – SciFi – Corner, Full, Half & Quarter


  • Rail – Lite - Anti Corner
  • Leg Lock - Small, Medium, and Regular


  • Rail - Stronghold - Corner v2

Wood Plank PlayTiles

If you recall in update #13 Wave 2.0, we shared the issue we were having getting Wood Plank PlayTiles to print on non-Prusa printers. This required a lot of testing. We were able to minimize the printing imperfections but didn't think that was good enough so we started from scratch and found a way to eliminate them completely.

In this release you will find two sets of Wood PlayTiles. One set is meant to be printed face up (Horizontal), the other set is meant to be printed on its' side (Vertical). The Horizontal PlayTiles are meant to be printed on Prusa printers as well as other printers that do not have the issues we ran into. The Vertical PlayTiles are for all other printers. These are not merely the same sets positioned differently, each set was recreated from the ground up for its' print orientation. 


Wood Plank PlayTiles Vertical are shown on the left, while the Wood Plank Accessories are shown on the right

If you are unsure which set you should use, we recommended printing a quarter PlayTile from both sets in the orientation provided to see which you prefer.

In additional to the Wood Plank PlayTiles, one stretch goal that was unlocked was Wood Plank Accessory PlayTiles. These feature wood plank bases with walls that can be printed in a different filament to deliver a sophisticated look. Wood Plank Accessories consist of the following:

  • Triple Component
  • Dice Tray
  • Mixed Card
  • Component Cup

The Wood Plank Accessory PlayTiles are meant to be printed face up (horizontally).

SciFi PlayTiles

The last pieces needed to print your own StageTop SciFi Table are now available! In addition to the 4 PlayTile sizes (Full, Corner, Half, Quarter), the themed Component PlayTile is also available.   

Warning: These may take a bit longer to slice


Rail - Lite - Anti Corner: Lite Rail users were missing out on the Anti Corner movement so we have decided to throw in an additional free model so they could join the fun!

Leg Lock - Small, Medium & Regular: Speaking of FREE, a request was made to combine the Frame Lock with a Leg... We loved the idea and after a few iterations... BOOM! Leg Lock was born! Available in small, medium, and regular sizes these can be used along edges to connect rails or anywhere else on your table.   

Leg Lock is available in small, medium and regular sizes. The Lite Anti Corner Rail is for those that want to take their table in a new direction.

The Fixes

Rail - Stronghold - Corner v2: There were some floating regions found in our Stronghold Corner Rails that added an additional hour or more in print time and could lead to clogs or printing issues. Those have been eliminated and Rail - Stronghold - Corner v2 should completely replace the old corner. Sorry for the error and special thanks to the community for bringing it to our attention.

What's next?

With just one wave left to go and it is going to be exciting!

Wave 4 – Light & Lift (June)

  • LED Rails
  • Stackable Legs
  • Cobblestone PlayTiles
  • Any final fixes!

If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

Gut Shot Games 

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