Wave 4.0 "The Final Wave"

Wave 4.0 "The Final Wave"

Origins 2023 -- Columbus, OH

The first half of 2023 has been a crazy ride, with this campaign exceeding our wildest expectations. We just got back from Origins where we had the pleasure of meeting some of our terrific backers, and today we are equal parts happy/sad/relieved/proud to be delivering Wave 4.0 “The Final Wave”. In our final wave of STL’s we have another 30+files for you to enjoy including some surprises as a gesture of our appreciation for the now more 9000 backers who supported the campaign or jumped on board soon after.

If you have been following along, you are probably familiar with the key components to be included in this release. Those being Stackable Legs, LED rails, andCobblestone PlayTiles.Well, during our development of the LED rails, it felt as if we were tacking on LEDs to one of our existing rail designs. That wasn’t good enough for us and we didn’t think it was good enough for you, so we decided to go bigger…

StageTop Broadway

StageTop Broadway is an entirely new table collection we created for you at no additional charge.

Introducing StageTop Broadway, a brand-new table collection consisting of Hexagon shaped Leg & Foot, Retro Brick PlayTiles, LED Rails, and a new Accessory that can work with most other tables! Here are all the files included…

  • Rails – Broadway (Straight & Corner)
  • PlayTiles – Broadway (Half & Quarter)
  • Leg/Foot – Broadway
  • Diffuser (Long, Short & Corner Clip)
  • Accessory – LED Holder (Straight & Corner)

Broadway Rails hold LED strips at a downward angle behind a Diffuser for eye friendly gaming. Additionally, they feature Card Slots on the player side and an uninterrupted Dice Channel that creates a track around the top of the table.

StageTop Broadway Rail

The new LED Holder Accessory allows you to add a second string of LED lights below your StageTop, delivering a “Glow from Below” by snapping into Hole #2 on the Frame.

The Glow from Below!

Installation instructions for both StageTop Broadway Rails & the LED Holders will be posted on Sunday July 2nd.

Stackable Legs

Don’t have a table to put your StageTop on? Stackable Legs got you covered.

One of the highly requested stretch goals we added & unlocked was the ability to print StageTop as a standalone table. Well, we are all about “what is possible, not necessarily what is practical” so we were happy to take on the challenge. We soon learned that simply making legs that stacked wasn’t enough as the table was about as sturdy as a newborn giraffe. To reach our standard of ‘Card Table Sturdy’, we not only needed a bracing system but needed to add weight to the bottom of the legs. Here are all the files included…

  • Leg – Stackable
  • Strut (Double & Single)
  • Brace (Long & Short)
  • Base (Large & Small)

Cobblestone PlayTiles

Look what we ‘cobbled’ together!


· PlayTiles – Cobblestone (Full, Corner & Half)

New Accessories

At $90k we unlocked the Double Card Tray which we overlooked in past Waves, so we are correcting that now, and throwing in a Single Card Tray for good measure. Additionally, there was a request for a Component Cup Tray that bridged the frame seams, so we are happy to include that as well.

  • Accessory Tile – Component Cup B
  • Accessory Tile – Card Tray (Double & Single

The Component Cup B Accessory Tile spans across two frames and is ideal for those games with lots of bits.


We try to keep our ears open to challenges our backers are facing with their prints. Over the past few weeks, we identified the following challenges our customers were facing…

  • Standard Legs wouldn’t align on some frames
  • The Standard Corner Rail Carrier threads are prone to breaking
  • When using PLA tops on Elite Rails the snaps would break

Here are the new files that address these issues…

  • Leg – Standard v2
  • Storage – Standard Corner Rail Carrier & Handle v2
  • Elite Rails

LEFT Standard Leg v1 which would not fully align on some frames. RIGHT Standard Leg v2 with threads rotated slightly to deliver better alignment.

Elite Rails v2 are ideal for PLA. Simply change filament at layer 98 to deliver the same two-color effect as the original.

What’s next?

While this concludes our campaign fulfillment, we are not done yet, here is what our current plans entail.

July 1st Commercial Backer Update: As this update releases the final STLs of the campaign, the 2-year clock will begin and will expire on June 30th, 2025. Additionally, we will stop selling the 2-Year Commercial Printing License as of July 1st. Instead, we will offer a Lifetime Commercial Printing License for $199. Any backer interested in upgrading to the Lifetime Commercial Printing License will only need to pay the difference. Finally, we will modify our Commercial Printing License to allow our Commercial Backers to sell prints of derivative works or remixes of the “Blank Remixable PlayTiles” created by other Commercial License Holders.

July 2nd Assembly Update: Quite frankly, our instructions aren’t where we would like them to be and we plan to improve this! We just completed the line art for our Assembly Instructions. While we have already posted an updated Assembly & Disassembly Video, this update will deliver this great tool for our Commercial Backers to share with their customers and for those that prefer a more detailed process. Additionally, we will include Assembly Instructions for the new StageTop Broadway Rails and the LED Holders.

TBD Planning Tools Update: Our goal is to launch the Online Planning Tool by August 1st along with an updated spreadsheet featuring print settings for each file provided. Unfortunately as we are not doing the programming ourselves the delivery timing is outside of our control.

TBD Community Favorites Wave: Who wants more files? Well, we have been inspired by the creativity of the community when it comes to their personal modifications. We are going to put out a call for content on our Facebook Group & Discord Server for those that want their creations distributed to the community. While certain restrictions will apply, we will highlight the creator and share the files of those files we have tested and agree are the bees knees! Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to share or seek out printing tips, consider joining the StageTop 3D Printing Facebook Group or the StageTop Community Discord Server.

Thanks again for all your support.

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